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I have railed at length in this blog against a Florida law that allows medical providers alone to avoid the same legal liability everyone else faces for causing the negligent loss of life. The offensive statute is section 768.21(8), Florida Statutes, which is part of Florida’s Wrongful Death Act. Section 768.21, entitled “Damages,” describes who […]

Under Florida law, only individuals meeting the definition of “Survivors” under Florida’s Wrongful Death Act may be compensated for losses resulting from the death of another person. (See this blog, Florida Wrongful Death Survivors Chart, for a handy reference to benefits available under the Act.) Under section 768.18(1) of the Act, survivors are defined as:  the decedent’s spouse, children, parents, and, when partly […]

In McCall v. United States of America, the Florida Supreme Court declared that the statutory cap on noneconomic damages in medical malpractice cases was unconstitutional. (In reaching this conclusion, the court determined that the numbers Governor Jeb Bush and his cronies presented to the Florida Legislature to demonstrate a medical malpractice crisis were cooked. In […]

Is the loss of a loved one by medical malpractice less painful and catastrophic than such a loss by some other form of negligence? Either the Florida Legislature thinks so, or else it purposely created an arbitrary and capricious law to insulate medical providers from being held fully accountable for their negligence. The law in […]

Florida’s Wrongful Death Act, located in sections 768.16 through 768.26 of Florida’s statutes, controls legal actions arising from the loss of life on account of a tortfeasor’s negligence. The Act refers to those who may recover damages for the loss as “survivors.” Survivors can be spouses, children and parents. The Act allows survivors to recover […]

Who can be compensated and the types of damages that are available when a person dies through the wrongful act or negligence in Florida of any person or company is prescribed by statute in the “Florida Wrongful Death Act,” sections 768.16 through 768.26. The chart below is a breakdown of section 768.21. Wrongful Death claims […]

Little known by most lay people is that every plaintiff involved in litigation, even those who appear to walk away with favorable judgments, may be subject to court sanctions in the form of paying the defendant’s attorneys fees. The sanction can be imposed under Florida Rule of Civil Procedure 1.442, known as the Proposal for […]

Read together, Florida Statute Section 95.11(4)(d) and Section 95.031(1) provide that an action for wrongful death, under Section 768.21 (known as Florida’s Wrongful Death Act), must be commenced within two (2) years of when the last element constituting the cause of action occurs. This is a strict standard that does not take into account the […]

“Rabbit from a hat.” That’s the description I have given to a case we recently handled with Domnick & Shevin PL. I have blogged extensively about the indecent and dangerous immunity afforded medical providers under Florida’s wrongful death statute. (Gigantic Loophole in Florida’s Wrongful Death Act; Florida Wrongful Death Survivors Chart — Back by Popular […]

Yesterday’s blog was about the primary legal differences between Florida’s workers’ compensation and personal injury systems with regard to accident-related bodily injuries. Today’s blog will address the differences, which are significant, between Florida’s workers’ compensation system and it’s Wrongful Death Act for the loss of life due to accidents. For the most part, the laws […]

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