Jeffrey P. Gale, P.A. // The Truth About the McDonald’s Hot Coffee Case (or Exposing the Myth About “Frivolous Lawsuits”)

greed-1-156x300“Big Business,” for want of a better term, goes to great lengths to misinform the public about many different subjects, all for the purpose of advancing one cause: MAXIMIZING PROFITS!

One of its most popular and successful themes is the notion that the country is suffering under an onslaught of “frivolous lawsuits.” By convincing the public that most lawsuits are baseless and that baseless lawsuits cause the price of products and services like insurance and health care to spiral upwards, Big Business has successfully polluted the minds of potential jurors and gotten politicians to enact legislation curbing access to courtrooms and imposing arbitrary caps on damages in personal injury cases. The end result is that “We the People” have been bamboozled into giving up the right to seek redress for legitimate grievances.

No campaign in this propaganda war has been more successful for Big Business than the so-called “McDonald’s Coffee Case.” It is the case most cited by Americans from all walks of life for believing that lawsuits must be curbed.

There’s only one problem with the story told by Big Business: It’s a bald-faced lie.

If you wish to know the truth, we encourage you to watch this short, entertaining video: The Truth About the McDonald’s Coffee Lawsuit.

You may also want to read some of our other blogs on the subject and watch HBO’s in-depth documentary about the case (see below).

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