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Parkland Town Hall

At the Parkland town hall, Rubio says that the NRA gives him money because it supports his agenda rather than the NRA giving him money to support its agenda. Either way, this means that Rubio supports the NRA agenda. Oy vey!

He received kudos for stepping into the lion’s den when others, like Gov. Rick Scott — who, by the way, may be running against U.S. Senator Bill Nelson (D) in 2018 — didn’t get within earshot of the venue. Because Rubio is always part of the problem than the solution, he’s not getting any pats on the back from me. Moreover, I thought his answers were squirrelly and mushy without an ounce of substance. Pinning him down is liking trying to grab a jellyfish.

If the Republicans do anything, it is for one reason and one reason only: fear of being voted out of office in 2018 and 2020. Until now they’ve put the interests of the NRA before the safety of our children and, frankly, all the rest of us. That any civilian can obtain an AK-47 (Sandy Hook), an AR-15 (Parkland), or like WMD, is unconscionable.

Coming in at $3,000,000 plus in NRA blood money, Rubio is one of the worst offenders. He and Rick Scott are stellar NRA students, regularly pulling A+ grades from the organization — yes, it has a grading scale for legislators.

Sorry, Marco, your Parkland performance doesn’t get you off the hook.


White House Conversation About School Safety

A fascinating gathering today in the White House to discuss gun violence. To his credit, Trump conducted himself with graciousness and demonstrated true compassion. (Update: we’ve since learned that he had notes reminding him what to say and how to behave. Yikes!)

A Washington, D.C. inner city school principal described checkpoints and metal detectors at all entrance points to his school. The parent of a child killed at Sandy Hook pointed out that Israel’s school security system is similar and similarly effective. All guns are kept from entering school grounds.

A Parkland student survivor expressed wonderment over how someone his age could so easily acquire an AR assault weapon in the United States.

Many adults spoke of the need for better mental health and background checks.

Trump endorsed improved mental health and tightened background checks. Disturbingly, imho, he spoke approvingly of having more guns on school grounds. His preferred approach — and, it must be noted, that of the NRA — is to have more guns in school. He believes that more guns will deter assailants from even thinking about entering school grounds and “nab” those in the act who don’t get the message.

It was pointed out by others that the average school massacre lasts three minutes, and another Sandy Hook dad argued that the fear of being shot will not deter a killer knowingly on a suicide mission.

As a parent, I would be much more comfortable knowing my child is attending a gun-free school versus one armed to the teeth.


Little Marco

I wish that Little Marco was on the ballot in 2018. He’d get his worthless butt kicked. Unfortunately, having been reelected — can you imagine? — in 2016, he has four more years left to ply his dirty trade in the U.S. Senate at the expense of the American people. This means lining his pockets with special interest money, particularly from the NRA with $3.3 million bagged at last count. The bum has been on the public dole for more years than anyone can count, with a previous stint in the Florida House where he was notorious for having others do the heavy lifting while spending time polishing his resume.


Hollywood Bears Some Blame

While there’s plenty of blame to go around for the disturbed and deranged violent minds among us, I’m putting Hollywood and the makers of certain video games near the top of the list.

From a continual barrage of television shows to slick movies and interactive video games, children in America are weaned on mindless gratuitous violence. Their small developing brains are fed a sick and distorted view of reality at every turn. It’s overwhelming and corrosive.

Legislation is not the answer to controlling this vile smut. It’s unworkable. The answer is old-fashioned capitalism. Once we stop giving our dollars to these smut merchants, the product will change.

Instead of turning on another bang-bang-shoot-em-up 1, 2, 3 cookie-cutter cop or detective show, better to read a book or watch a documentary.

We need to teach our children well.


2018 Florida Governor’s Race


Voters will be electing a new Governor in November, 2018. Rick “The Snake” Scott is term-limited. The Republican candidates are current House Speaker Richard Corcoran and Agriculture Secretary Adam Putnam.

All that you really need to know about Corcoran is that he was Little Marco Rubio’s chief of staff when Rubio was Speaker of the Florida House before becoming a U.S. Senator. He’s as right-wing as they come.

To get a sense of Putnam, a career politician and hardcore right-winger, his pet project during the current Florida legislative session was backing a bill authorizing the issuance of gun permits before the background check is completed. That’s right, roll the dice with deadly weapons. Thankfully, even he couldn’t withstand the Valentines Day horror at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas HS. Putnam decided to withdraw his support for the bill … for the time being. Yesterday he was warned by Dem. Senator Gary Farmer not to try to bring the bill back up in any way, shape or form during this legislative session.

On the Democratic side, there are three qualified and decent candidates in the race. One of them, Phillip Levine, is the former Mayor of Miami Beach, where I was born and currently reside. He is a successful businessman and a forward thinker — unlike the primitives now sitting in the White House and Florida’s Governor’s mansion — who moved MB into the 21st Century. Another is Gwen Graham, the daughter of beloved former Florida Governor and U.S. Senator Bob Graham.

Florida has been under Republican rule since 1998 and it has been brutal. Enough is enough!


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