Jeffrey P. Gale, P.A. // Post-Election Popular Vote vs. Electoral College Griping Off Base

voteComplaining now about the 2016 presidential election outcome based on the popular vote vs the Electoral College results is nonsense. It’s like a football team that was outscored arguing that it should be declared the winner because it controlled the clock and gained more yards than the other team. Them ain’t the rules.

For example, just this past Saturday my Florida Gators beat the LSU Tigers by the score of 16-10, even though LSU won the time of possession and yards gained statistics. I’ll take the W over the statistical victory.

I’m not judging the merits of the popular vote vs the EC system. Maybe it should be changed. I don’t understand enough to say.

What does justify condemnation is the level of voter suppression from purposely restrictive registration laws, disenfranchisement by incarceration, and loss of representation through gerrymandering that some elements in this country consider fair play. It’s not. It’s like your team getting jobbed by crooked refs. Nothing is more un-American.


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