“Hot Coffee” – HBO to Air Documentary Exposing the McDonald’s Coffee Case Lies

mcdonald's.jpgIn a previous blog, The Truth About the McDonalds Coffee Spill Case – Fallacy Debunked, I presented the honest facts about the infamous McDonald’s Coffee Spill case. Sadly, the truth bears little resemblence to the shameless lies spread by Corporate America.

Why would Corporate America lie about this case? Simple. To influence the American public to push for laws making it more difficult for individuals to hold Corporate America accountable for its negligent behavior. In other words, fool people into supporting laws that are harmful to their own and America’s best interests.

Corporate America saw the case, which involved the spilling of coffee and a large jury verdict, as the perfect vehicle for attacking the civil justice system. It figured that unknowing individuals would accept its lies and distortions without question, causing them to revolt against the very system that stands between them and total control by corporate interests. Frighteningly, they figured right. (Even seemingly well-educated people have fallen for the garbage. My rabbi wrongly used the case as the theme of his Yom Kippur sermon. When I called him on it days later, he made further stupid arguments to support his misguided position, unwilling and unable through years of propoganda to admit that he was wrong. He is now my former rabbi because I have chosen to worship elsewhere.)

Why would this matter to Corporate America, you ask? Simple, again. Profits! Profits! Profits! Reducing accountability allows Corporate America to get away with cutting corners by spending less on research, testing, and safety measures, thus placing at risk the health, safety, and welfare of everyone in its path.

With relatively limited resources and being more decentralized, the people and organizations, like the Florida Justice Association, who battle against Corporate America to preserve America’s civil justice system, have had little voice in countering the lies.

That is, until now.

On Monday, June 27, 2011, HBO is airing the award winning documentary Hot Coffee. The movie masterfully debunks Corporate America’s lies and brings front-and-center the devious intent of those forces. The documentary also uses other case examples to make its point.

It is must see TV.

Wake up, America, before We the People is nothing but a distant memory….
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