Sovereign Immunity Limits Increased by 2010 Florida Legislature

History was made today by the Florida Legislature. After remaining at the same level for 30 years, Florida’s sovereign immunity limits – i.e., the maximum amount government entities can be forced to pay to victims in personal injury cases* – were increased by the 2010 Florida Legislature from $100,000 per person/$200,000 per incident, to $200,000/$300,000. It’s about time! (See this previous blog for a further discussion on sovereign immunity laws.)

The bill awaits Governor Charlie Crist’s signature. If adopted, it will become effective in October 2011.

Although these arbitrary limits remain unreasonably low – in my opinion, there should be no arbitrary caps at all … cause the damage, pay the full price. Period. – the legislation is a move in the right direction. Kudos to the Florida Legislature. (Shock of all shocks, I never thought that I would be complimenting any legislative body controlled by Republicans, but credit should be given when due.)

*For any injured victim to receive more than the sovereign immunity limit in a particular case, a “Claims Bill” for that individual must be passed. A “Claims Bill” is a law. To become law, it requires sponsors, debate, legislative approval, and the Governor’s signature. The process is expensive and time consuming, with the goal rarely achieved.

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