My Views Regarding the Casey Anthony Verdict

scales of justice.jpgFollowing the Casey Anthony verdict, many of my Facebook Friends posted attacks on the jury and the jury system. Pasted below are responses to those attacks that I posted to Facebook.

Posted on July 5, 2011:
James Madison and Thomas Jefferson – ever heard of them? – would be sickened by all of the cynicism directed at the jury and the jury system. Unlike most here, they would be proud of the jury and the way the system worked. Hard to believe that grown adults are so willing to substitute their judgment, formed from the know-nothing talking heads on Fox, MSNBC, CNN, et al, for the considered judgment of 12 regular people who heard ALL of the admissable evidence and deliberated as a body to reach it’s verdict. Scary, really. Required viewing for those who think they know better than this jury: 12 ANGRY MEN, starring Henry Fonda. Also, read The Magna Carta (The Great Charter), Article 39 and Deuteronomy. At least learn a little something about the American justice system and its foundings before yapping.

Posted on July 6, 2011:
“Yapping” is certainly an American tradition, which, thankfully, can be pursued without fear of punishment. “Freedom,” as you say, but yapping nonetheless. There are many reasons why the jury does not get to hear all of what the mob hears, much of them having to do with the reliability of information (e.g., hearsay; junk science; tainted evidence; etc.) Rules of Evidence. In my view, nobody, not even the sitting judge, was in a better position than the jury to render a verdict in this case. Again, IMHO, the verdict was an affirmation of the greatness of the jury system. Think about it. The defendant was hardly a sympathetic figure and the allegations were monsterous, yet the jury of her peers, 7 woman and 5 men, boiled it down and rendered a verdict that shocked those who had pre-judged. Astonishing, really. I daresay that not a person finding fault with the verdict would (or should) want their own case tried in the media and decided by couch potatos rather than a fair and impartial jury. Instead of knocking this jury, which undermines the American system – yes, I know, “freedom” – everyone should be lauding the jury’s service. Civics 101.

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