Mitt’s No Moses

moses.jpgThe Republican Establishment has chosen Willard Mitt Romney to lead its people to The Promised Land. It points to his success in making large sums of money as the primary qualifying factor for the selection.

G-d chose Moses to lead the Jews to their Promised Land. Interestingly, what persuaded G-d to select Moses was his compassion more than his accomplishments.

The Book of Exodus tells us that Moses was rescued from the Nile River as an infant and raised by the Pharoah’s daughter. One day he witnessed an Egyptian beating a Jew. He killed the Egyptian. Later he intervened in a fight between two Jews, the circumstances of which forced him to flee Egypt. While in the desert, he saved the seven daughters of Jethro from evil shepherds.

These acts showed perseverance, courage and fortitude. This was not enough for G-d.

While tending his father-in-law’s sheep, a young sheep ran away. At peril to himself in the hot and unforgiving desert, Moses searched out and found the young sheep. He carried the sheep back home.

It was only after this act of kindness and compassion that G-d decided to reveal himself to Moses. The rest of the story is history.

Mitt may know how to make millions. However, he has never been accused of kindness and compassion. In fact, his greatest flaw, the one that he cannot seem to shake no matter how many millions are spent on clever Madison Avenue ad campaigns, is that of a cold and calculating person unable to relate to the working stiffs of the world.

Mitt may be the man best suited to head a corporate takeover and reap millions for his backers, but he lacks the requisite qualities of kindness and compassion to lead the United States of America.

Mitt’s no Moses … and The Republican Establishment is not G-d.
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