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July 2, 2019

For G_D’s sake, Trumpis, come to your senses already. Trump’s oddness is not genius. He’s a nincompoop.

What do Dwight David Eisenhower, JFK, Jimmy Carter, and George H. W. Bush have in common? All are medaled combat veterans who never held a parade in his honor.

“Donnie Bone Spurs” wants to be surrounded by tanks, jets, and soldiers wearing medals on the 4th of July. The dude’s a basket case of insecurity.

June 27, 2019

I heard some people say that they aren’t interested in watching the debates — not for any partisan political reason, but just because they’re not interested in politics — and that last night’s portion was boring — Trump also made this childish comment in a debate-time Tweet. I belong to a number of surfing Facebook pages. Someone recently posted a political comment. Some other members complained that the page was for surfing only, that it was a politics-free zone. The administrator of the page concurred, making the utopian statement that politics and his love for the ocean are separate matters. I responded that if he truly loves the ocean, he damn well better be focused on politics. (He could learn from Surfrider Foundation, which is laser-focused on politics.) America has been dumbed down to where masses of people have no interest in politics or find it boring because it’s not like the reality TV shows they’ve grown accustomed to watching (e.g., every knucklehead’s favorite, The Apprentice) which capture their short attention spans and least common denominator mentality.

June 23, 2019

AOC uses the expression “concentration camps” in comments about conditions in facilities holding children separated from their parents. The usual suspects howl in dismay, while conveniently remaining silent about the deplorable conditions — sleep on concrete floors; plastic for blankets; no showers, toothbrushes, or soap. I must have missed that lesson in Hebrew School about form being more important than substance when it comes to basic decency.

For most people, being a coward in the face of adversity is their biggest fear. Donnie “Bone Spurs’” biggest fear is being seen as a coward. Knowing that he is one, Trump compensates by pushing people around, especially the most vulnerable. What he doesn’t understand is that pushing people around from a position of strength is the definition of cowardice.

June 17, 2019

Considering Sarah Sanders’ unique skill-set, it won’t be easy for Trump to find a replacement for the role of official bald-faced liar? She’s a rare breed.

June 9, 2019

I give Trump and Congressional Republicans credit for demonstrating that the Executive branch of our federal government is vulnerable to major abuse by an unscrupulous President and willing cronies. Serious fixes are required.

June 5, 2019

It takes a special kind of stupid to believe that a tax cheat and 5x draft dodger is a model of American patriotism.


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