Florida Motor Vehicle Insurance Premium Increase, Policy Cancellation Following Accident

We are frequently asked if insurance premiums will be increased or policies canceled or non-renewed because of a motor vehicle accident. If the insured was not substantially at faulpretty answer is No. See Florida Statute 626.9541(1)(o)3. An insurance company’s violation of this statute may subject it to a civil lawsuit and government fines for engaging in an unfair and deceptive act.

Further consumer protection is afforded by Florida Statute 626.9702, which provides as follows:

(1) No insurer shall impose or request an additional premium for automobile insurance, or refuse to renew a policy, solely because the insured or applicant was convicted of one or more traffic violations which do not involve an accident or do not cause revocation or suspension of the driving privileges of the insured, without adequate proof of a direct, demonstrable, objective relationship between the violation for which the surcharge was imposed and the increased risk of highway accidents.

(2) No insurer shall cancel or otherwise terminate any automobile insurance contract with an insured after the insured has paid the premiums on such policy for 5 years or more solely because the insured is involved in a single traffic accident.

(3) Any person or organization which violates any provision of this section shall be subject to the penalties provided in s. 627.381.

The bottom line is that insurance carriers are not allowed to act on mere whim or caprice in setting premiums or renewing policies. Rather, such decisions must be based on legitimate actuarial determinations.

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