Limited Application of Florida’s Motor Vehicle Accident/Crash Report Privilege

accident scene.jpgTo promote the gathering of facts surrounding motor vehicle accidents, the Florida Legislature has devised a number of statutes each with the essential character of compelling certain individuals to disclose information to law enforcement personnel.

  • Florida Statute 316.066(1) requires a driver to make a report when involved in a crash where there is bodily injury, death, or damage to a vehicle
  • 361.062(1) requires a driver to give his or her information to a police officer upon request when a crash results in injury or death
  • 316.064(2) requires the occupant of a vehicle to make a report under sections 316.065 and .066 when the driver is physically incapable of making a report
  • 316.064(3) requires the owner of a vehicle to make a report under chapter 316 when the driver is incapable of making a report
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