2012 Florida Legislature Seeks to Eliminate Rights of Medical Malpractice Victims

dollars.jpgAs if the arbitrary and capricious damage caps already on the books were not enough, the 2012 Republican-controlled Florida Legislature is moving forward with legislation designed to keep those harmed by medical negligence from ever being compensated for their losses.

Senate Bill 1506 will allow doctors to get patients to waive their right to compensation for losses suffered from medical malpractice.

That’s right, not a single penny for past and future medical expenses, lost wages, or for pain and suffering!!!

How could this be, you ask. Simple. With a Governor Rick Scott and a super-majority of radical Republicans controlling both chambers of the Florida Legislature, anything is possible.

Eliminate zoning restrictions on pristine land. Done. Tax dollars to private religious schools. Done. Reduce spending for public schools. Done. Suppress voting rights. Done.

Ending the rights of malpractice victims. Almost done.

Yes, patients can refuse to sign the form, but who will walk away from a scheduled and often necessary appointment, assuming that the provision is even read and understood? And what are the alternatives, anyway, when every medical provider takes advantage of this outrageous and unnecessary law?

If the bill passes, medical providers will no longer be held accountable for their bad mistakes. This will not only lower medical standards, but it will leave victims and their families stranded without being compensated for oftentimes terrible losses, and it will place the burden on taxpayers to fund the safety net for the injured.

This bill must be stopped before it becomes law. Contact your Senator and Representative today to express your opposition to this brazen legislation.

Senate website
House website

These are some of the legislators who have spoken against the bill:
Arthenia Joyner (D – Tampa)
Anitere Flores (R – Miami)
David Simmons (R – Altamonte Springs)
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