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Trump rants that “attorney client privilege is dead.” BS! I’m a lawyer and feel no less confident that as long as my clients and I keep our noses clean, our privileged communications will remain sacrosanct as always. Major hurdles had to be overcome for the federal judge to authorize the raid [in the Cohen matter]. Moreover, additional post-raid safeguards are in place to prevent unauthorized breaches of the privilege. The AC privilege is not absolute; it is not a license to advance or commit crimes. While the measures taken against Cohen are severe, they are not unfair [despite what the Whiner in Chief declares]. The rule of law has been followed to a T.


Trump is a despicable pig. Period. Anyone who thinks otherwise is right there with him. Period. One day after Passover, the Festival of Liberation, and mere hours after attending church services on Easter Sunday, a supposed day of joy and compassion for Christians, this human smegma dashes all hope for tens of thousands of good and decent and defenseless young people by gleefully declaring in pathologically perverse tweets that DACA is dead.

It is beyond comprehension how anyone thinks as he does, and shockingly disturbing that millions of Americans embrace his views. Shamefully, the timing and tenor of this statement was aimed at pleasing his Evangelical base.

He deserves no less than the fate met by Pharaoh.


Is a man who owes more than he owns wealthy? Not in my book. He may appear wealthy, but in truth he’s a debtor. Until I see Trump’s tax returns, I will continue to believe that he’s in the deep red.

All of the evidence points in this direction. His fantastic business failures, including a billion dollar casino bust which he finagled into avoiding paying one penny federal income taxes for 18 years, are well documented. It is also well documented that American financial institutions refused to lend him money, forcing him to seek funding elsewhere. He ended up accepting dark money, money from international criminal elements and from Oligarchs under Putin’s thumb.

And this is where the Russia story begins.


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