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TRUMP-225x300July 25, 2018; Facebook

Russia has broken into our home and Trump wants us to be gracious hosts.

July 25, 2018; Facebook

If honest elections, a free press, and civil rights aren’t your priorities, what is it about America that you value?

July 22, 2018; Facebook

Trump v. Putin is like a theatrical WWW phony v. an MMA killer. Making matters worse is that the match is rigged.

July 21, 2018; Facebook

Trump knows that his militant base is very stupid (x 100) and that the moneyed interests are selfish pigs willing to go along, and he believes that the combination of both will keep him afloat. A majority of Americans see him for what he is, but don’t have the power now to do anything about it.

I’d rather be powerless than stupid or craven.

July 20, 2018; Facebook

Trump is in free fall and the country is being sucked down in his noxious wake. For more than 20 years he has been the bag man for dirty Russian money. This is how he was able to stay afloat when no U.S. bank would touch him with a 10 foot pole, and it is why he doesn’t dare disclose his tax returns and is deathly afraid of Putin (who has all of the dirt on him). This is not revelatory news.

Trump knows his exposure and is becoming unhinged before our eyes. On one side, he is being pursued by the most imposing team of lawyers and investigators ever assembled led by the preeminent law enforcement officer in American history. On the other side he is being squeezed by Putin, the cold-hearted, steely-eyed keeper of his deepest and darkest secrets.

The gig is almost up and Trump knows it. Being a sleezebag for an entire lifetime has its consequences. At some point, the forces of nature catch up to you. In the immortal words of Heavyweight Champion Joe Louis, The Brown Bomber, “You can run, but you can’t hide.”

Trump, we know where you are and we’re coming to get you.

Sweet dreams, Meathead.

July 19, 2018; Facebook

Despite Trump’s BS about being willing to meet with Special Prosecutor Mueller, said as recently as last night in a CBS interview, everyone knows he won’t do it. It will take a subpoena to compel his testimony.

Tonight I heard a former Federal Prosecutor, with 30 years of experience, posit that Mueller won’t issue such a subpoena. The reason why is not good news for Comrade Trump.

He believes that Mueller will not be issuing a subpoena on Trump because Trump is soon to become, if he is not already, the “Target” of the SP’s criminal investigation. “Target”  represents the highest level of exposure under a federal criminal investigation, and just as a defendant has a Constitutional Right against self-incrimination (5th Amendment), the U.S. Justice Dept. has a policy against issuing subpoenas against Targets to keep from implicating the 5th Amendment.

Paul Manafort was not subpoenaed. Neither were Gates and the countless others who have been indicted, some whom have pled guilty. In 30 years with the Justice Dept., this Federal Prosecutor never issued a subpoena against a Target or saw it done by any other prosecutor.

Sweet dreams, Meathead.

July 19, 2018; Facebook

Word of the day: Apologist
(Clue: Trump has an army of them)

July 17, 2018; Facebook

Hey Trumpis, here’s another example of what your imbecility has wrought on America: Since April, the United Secret Secret Service has been physically blocking Jared Kushner from being served with a subpoena in a civil case involving Russian hacking.

July 17, 2018; Facebook

Trump (7/16/2018): ‘There is no reason why “it would be Russia” behind election meddling.’
Trumpis: “Ah, yeah, duh, that makes sense.”

Trump (7/17/2018): ‘There is no reason why “it wouldn’t be Russia” behind election meddling.’
Trumpis: “Ah, yeah, duh, that makes sense.”

July 17, 2018; Facebook

Downplaying Trump’s sellout, insufferable Faux News twit Tucker Carlson rated Russia’s continued efforts at meddling in U.S. elections as 150 on the list of America’s concerns. In others words, Trump being Putin’s puppet is an overblown concern.

You can’t make this stuff up.

July 16, 2018; Facebook

What does it say that Trump is willing to meet privately with Putin but refuses to sit down with Special Prosecutor Mueller?

July 16, 2018; Facebook

Word of the day: Toady
(e.g., Trump vis-a-vis Putin)

July 16, 2018; Facebook

72 hours after 12 Russians were indicted for committing criminals acts against America, Trump spends 2 hours and 15 minutes in private with their ringleader then hits the stage and blames everyone but himself and Putin for everything.

Not good.

July 16, 2018; Facebook

I believe that SP Mueller timed these indictments to try to gain some control over how far Trump would go in selling out America to Russia. Mueller, a decorated Vietnam soldier and head ot the FBI for 13 years, is a true American patriot. His fear was that an unrestrained Trump would sell the house out from under us. The indictments served their purpose. Trump’s every move with Putin is now being closely scrutinized and deservedly criticized.

This latest round of 12 indictments are not the last we will see on this matter. The next round will likely involve Americans.

July 15, 2018; Facebook

Trump: “Mr. President, the heat is on.”
Putin: “Maybe on you, Donnie, but not on me.”
Trump: “Sir, may I at least announce that I asked you to turn over the indicted Russian agents to American authorities?”
Putin: “Say whatever you want, Donnie, say whatever you want.”

July 14, 2018; Facebook

“Trump, due to arrive in the UK later today, is a racist, a serial liar and either a sexual abuser or someone who falsely brags about being one in the apparent belief that this will impress other men,” The Scotsman, Scotland’s national newspaper.

July 14, 2018; Facebook

Hey Trumpis, what do you think Saint Reagan would be doing/saying now about Russia’s attack on America?

July 13, 2018; Facebook

If Donnie Bone Spurs had an ounce of regard for the U.S., he’d get his lard ass back to America forthwith and declare Cold War II on damn Russia. If he meets with Putin now, it’s high treason.

July 13, 2018; Facebook

These charges will certainly make the one-on-one talks between Comrade Trump and Comrade Putin more interesting. What are the chances Trump presses Putin to turn these indictees over to U.S. authorities? Zero to none? SP Mueller signed the Indictment. The noose is tightening!!!

July 8, 2018; Facebook

Good news of the week: Mueller and his team of professionals have another week of information gathering in the books.

July 7, 2018; Facebook

Trumpism is the same strain of virus that has resided within the human species from the beginning of time. It is incurable. From time to time through the ages it rears its ugly head to a position of prominence with dire consequences. Now is one of those times. A World War was once fought to smash it down.

July 6, 2018; Facebook

This is you, Trumpis. You’ve crawled into bed with one deranged MoFo. Hope you’re enjoying the cheap thrills.

July 4, 2018; Facebook

Don’t be fooled by haters who wrap themselves in the flag while tearing at the fabric which has made our country great.

Celebrate the 4th with meaning.

July 3, 2018; Facebook

Written by Dan Gelber, the Mayor of Miami Beach. He gets it.

America the Beautiful became my favorite song when Smokey Robinson included it in a stirring mash-up with the National Anthem at Fenway Park during Game 5 of the 1986 World Series.

When the song was written in 1893 by Katharine Bates as she hiked Pikes Peak in Colorado, she penned it as a poem. The line in her first verse — “God shed his grace on thee” – almost suggests that America is divinely chosen. That it is great as a matter of God’s will. Of course, at the time, women didn’t have the right to vote, and African-Americans were still largely treated as chattel.

To understand the point Bates was actually making you have to read her poem in its entirety. It’s not about the greatness of America; it is about the promise of an America that can be great. While she marvels at the physical and topography of the “fruited plains” and “alabaster cities’” she also recognizes that our country is not without its blemishes.

My favorite verse:

America, America,
God mend thine every flaw
Confirm thy soul in self-control
Thy liberty in law

Bates doesn’t view America as intrinsically great – great is something you have to work at because nations, like people, will sometimes surrender to lesser instincts. Nations sometimes take a route that is less than exceptional.

The America Bates celebrates, is a nation that resists its lesser instincts and seeks higher ground. An America that leans toward virtue because no matter how we celebrate affluence, power and celebrity, we should revere character. It is not the strength of our military that makes us great, but that we seek to deploy it righteously. Our wealth isn’t extraordinary, but our charity is. And our intellect isn’t unique, but that we use it to improve the human condition that is so distinguishing.

Or as Bates herself once commented, “our greatness must be crowned with goodness.”
Our nation feels very divided today and our public discourse runs contrary to Bates’ vision of America. Our leaders seem to appeal to only our lesser instincts.

Bates had it right. She was celebrating a nation of people who more than self their country loved, and mercy more than life. Who believed success should be noble and gains divine

This is the America I celebrate. Happy Fourth of July!



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